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On December 1, 2017
Last modified:November 16, 2019


A powerful plugin to convert any WordPress site into a coupon or deals site.

Nowdays you may seen many blogging sites are offering different different deals on blogging beside their blogging tips. Deals are the most sweetest thing for buyers. Whether its sale time or regular dates everyone loves to get some discount.

So having a deals section on your website is always beneficial.

so if you want to covert your wordpress site into a coupon site. then you should try this wordpress plugin. i.e, WPcoupons

A powerful plugin that can convert any wordpress site into coupon sites.

Lets Check All of its features

WPcoupons Features

1.Display Option – WP Coupons plugin comes with display options to enable an archive template. In WPcoupons dashboard section, you can set your coupon slug/URL, and also adjust the page width and padding. You can also use a shortcode to print out your coupons in case you have any issues with the archive template.

2. Style Option – In WPcoupons dashboard section through style option you can change the colors for just about every attribute that the plugin outputs.

3. Extras – In extra section You can also add custom CSS if you need to customize any additional options.

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wpcoupons review

WPcoupons widget Screenshot

WPcoupons plugin coupon post section screenshot

WPcoupons Review

Easy to Use – Very easy to setup, it will take hardly some minutes to create first coupon post.

plenty of features – In WPcoupon plugin you can not only add your discount code and discount details. even you can add expiry date on each deals. So whenever your deal is expire, it will automatically revert back that post to the draft.

Excellent Navigation – In WPcoupon archive section you can see all deals in tabbed format accroding to the deals. Which is definitely a great feature.

SEO friendly – This plugin is 100% SEO friendly. So you don’t have to think too much for SEO. This plugin also support breadcrumb features.

Shortcodes – Even you can use shortcode to show your coupon code anywhere inside your blog.

Price – WPcoupons one single license price is $34.95 only. So In case of price, its really affordable.

Support – WPcoupons offers very fastest support inside their users. Even if you need any new feature you can mail them. If they found that feature essential and useful they will definitely add that feature in their future update.

One feature is missing, that is lack of archive template. But I hope they will add more templates in their upcoming updates.

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Final Word – From my side, WPcoupons best coupon plugin. Even I use this plugin some of my sites and its its increase my earning several percentage. So investing approx $35 won’t be bad for anyone.



A powerful plugin to convert any WordPress site into a coupon or deals site.
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