VideoMakerFX Review and Discount 2017 – $50 OFF

Have you ever tried to create an animated video? If so, then you should know how long time takes to create a proper animation video.

Due to longer time for creating an animated video, most of the video makers are didn’t use the animated character in their video.

But everyone knows the effectiveness of animation videos.

In this post, I’m going to talk about videomakerFX. An OS base software, that gives you the ultimate power to create animation video within 10 minutes.

Yeah, It’s true. You can create your first animation video within 10 minutes without knowing any animation technique.

Let’s see how its works. (Videomakerfx Review)

What Is videomakerfx ?

VideomakerFX is an OS(Operating system) base software. On which we can create animation video by using their pre-made animation slides.

Videomakerfx Tutorial Walk through

First of all this software is fully compatible Windows and ios (as I said early).

Every time in starting phase need a valid internet connection for login.

After that, you will get an interface like this one.

videomaker fx review

As tool indicated, click on create a new project, enter a project name.

Now form below left side corner click on “add slide”. From where you can choose Variety types of animation slides. Even you can see a preview of them, before adding.

Now after adding the slide, you can change everything on that slide.

Like if your added slide has different text boxes, then you can change those text boxes texts as well their font, font size, text color, and position.

Then you can change the background as well as images (if any images occur in a slide). Even you can scale, rotate and move your images for better visualization.

Now from shape and animation section, you can change the shape and animation of the slide.

Even you can set slide delay time and end time.

And the extra option is you can add separate audio for each slide. For audio recording, you can use the inbuilt videomakerfx audio recorder or you can use another audio recorder. If you record your audio externally then you have to import them to videomakerfx.

If you didn’t want to add your own voice, then you can add different copyright free music from the videomakerfx audio setting section. Videomakerfx have 20 preloaded royalty free music track.

After all, customization export your video as per quality you want. You can export your video HD to low quality.

Features of Videomakerfx 

A text is an integral part of VideoMakerFX. Fully Customize to your desires and deliver the message loud and clear. in the videomakerfx you can insert your own text.

Simple and easy background customization. Beautiful backgrounds greatly enhance just about any video or presentation. You can match your branding & style instantly!

All scenes have beautiful and seamless animation built in. You can apply additional animated backgrounds and call to action animations!

Customize the text or elements you want to keep or turn off. There are so many unique possibilities to making all kinds of different videos!

20 royalty free music tracks Included & of course you can use your own audio. Did we mention you can record right in the software? Supports up to 2 different tracks.

Use your own images and video clips. A full royalty free graphics library is also included in addition to our backgrounds collection. Customize it all however you want!

VideomakerFX Review

  1. easy to use – No need to take any classes to create animation video. using this tool anyone can create animation video in minutes.
  2. Ultimate customization – As I said, In videomakerfx we can change their every slide as we want. From text to font, background, shape, animation, audio and much more.
  3. Cheaper Price – Like adobe illustrator or Camtasia we don’t have to pay, $100+ for a single license. By paying $47 we can archive videomakerfx all features as well as software.
  4. work on every computer– Windows or MAC it’s there for you. Being a MAC user myself I couldn’t live with this just being a Windows application. So they create this application for both platforms.
  5. Work First – It still works nicely on a slower computer, sometimes take a bit more time to output your final video file, but it still works and not take hours like the professional animation software does.
  6. Freedom from monthly subscriptions – NO watermarking of your video and other limitations. There are just a few solutions out there like VideoMakerFX, but they are costly, more complex to use and they charge you an arm and a leg to use videos for commercial purposes. You get complete freedom to profit with VideoMakerFX!

Videomakerfx Discount

Videomakerfx normal price is $97. But using our special discount link you can buy it only for $47.

Videomakerfx Alternatives

If you are searching for some best videomakerfx alternatives then you can try this below tools. I'm already using some of them, 

1. Viddyoze - Viddyoze 2.0 is premium animation video creating software. By using this we can create beautiful animated intros, outros videos within few clicks.Read Viddyoze Review

2. Easy sketch Pro - THE #1 Doodle Software Allows You To Create Amazing and NEW Interactive Sketch Videos for business or personal use.

3. Explaindio - explaindio is another video creation software tool which create doodle sketch, full HD motion, 2D/3D models and animation videos.

Videomakerfx Templates

If you purchase videomakerfx template club monthly package. Then you will get 100+ PRO themes and 50 Unique themes per month. 

Note - 70k + users are use their template write now. 

Videomakerfx Bonus

if you purchase videomakerfx using our affiliate link then you will get $10000 worth bonus product from me. Contact me

Conclusion – No doubt, this is the best tool to create an animated video. Currently, I’m using this tool for video marketing and its work like a charm for me. From my side try videomakerfx at $47, I guaranteed it will never disappoint you.

Review of: VideoMakerFX

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On February 17, 2017
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VideomakerFX is an OS(Operating system) base software. On which we can create animation video by using their pre-made animation slides.

VideomakerFX is an OS(Operating system) base software. On which we can create animation video by using their pre-made animation slides.

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