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Review of: Focus Blog

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On December 3, 2017
Last modified:November 16, 2019


Best conversion focused Theme for wordPress Users.

Searching for a perfect blogging theme? Then you should try Thrive Focus blog Theme.

A theme is blogging for blogging related sites. As we know thrives themes are the fully conversion oriented theme. So you can user their themes to collect leads.

Let’s take a deeper look in Thrive Focus blog Theme Features –

  1. First of all, check it optional panel section. These screenshots are taken from one of my blog where I use focus blog theme. From my side in general setting section best feature is “Header Phone”. This is the best feature that I missed on other popular theme providers.
  2.  In style and layout setting section best features are extended menu and navigation setting. That Float on Scroll up option is too good.

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3. In the blog setting section has some normal features which generally use to customize blog viewing section.


4. This is the best feature of Focus Blog Theme. In this section we can optimize images for better page speed. two types of image compression can be done here.

Lossy Compression – In this type image compression image size is reduced and never possible to revert back to original size.

Lossless Compression – In this type image compression image size is reduced and possible to revert back to original size.

5. Next section is for comment customization, you can use facebook comment system.

6. From next section, we can enable social sharing buttons with counters. and social meta cards.

7. last three sections are 404-page customization, related post setting and Apprentice.

Let’s move towards the others features of thrive Themes –

Thrive Opt-in, for connecting email marketing software. form thrive optin section you can connect with popular email service like getresponse, mailchimp, aweber etc.
Focus Area – This feature is for adding focusing content or email subscription box in the header or below content section.


with above features thrive themes also have some excellent features. like Built-in widgets and thrive shortcodes.

Focus Blog Theme Review –

Fast Loading – Focus blog theme is the fastest theme among other thrive themes. If you properly optimize your page you can get less that 1 millisecond loading time.

Unlimited customization – As you can see, above features clearly indicates that using thrive themes you can do maximum customization.

Social Optimized – Built in floating social sharing button in highly attractive.

Price – Unlike ThemeForest, You don’t have to pay the same money multiple time for multiple licenses. By paying $67 you can use this theme on unlimited no of sites that you own.

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Final Word – If you are going to impact to email marketing then thrive themes id best for you. Don’t look here and there. You will never get this much conversion oriented theme on the internet.

Best conversion focused Theme for wordPress Users.

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