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GreenGeeks Review 2022 : Is it Worth Buying?

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I know how tough it is to select the right web hosting provider, especially as a newbie.
As you search the web, tons of websites popup with incredible pricing and impressive features. For the same reason, you get lost in the middle without making your mind.
The best thing you can do to end up in buying the best web host is reading online reviews. Most of the online reviews are crafted after having fair experience with the providers.
In my quest to find a good web host, I stumbled upon GreenGeeks. Here in this article, I am sharing a detailed review of GreenGeeks.

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GreenGeeks Review : Is it Worth Buying?

Without further ado, let’s get into the core of this review.

A Little Background

GreenGeeks started its journey back in 2008.  Its founder, Trey Gardener has the reputation of having worked with eight different hosting companies including iPage.
Within these eight years, the company has grown to provide shelter for more than 300,000 websites. The best thing about GreenGeeks is its environment friendliness as the name says.

Features of GreenGeeks

As you have got a few details about the company, let’s have a look at its features.

·         Pretty Much Unlimited

You get many unlimited features with GreenGeeks. Yeah, you heard it right.
The range of no limits start from the disk space. With every shared hosting plan, you get unlimited space. Unlike some other providers, GG doesn’t put a limit on the bandwidth as well. Both space and bandwidth are unlimited.
What if you get unlimited space and an option to host a single website? It won’t do anything good when you have multiple sites to host, right?
That’s why GreeGeeks provide unlimited domain hosting with a single account. You can host as many sites as you want with a single site.

·         A Lot of Freebies

You will get many freebies if you choose to go with GreenGeeks.Greengeeks Black Friday
The first thing is the domain name. You get a free domain with every shared hosting plan. Considering the price of the plan, $15 is way too much to buy a domain.
GG brings us this offer solely for those who are on a shoelace budget. You can choose any Top Level Domain.
What if you have a site on other host and you want to use GG? Well, the customer care team can help you out. They won’t charge you anything for the website migration service.
If you want to design a custom website (not with any CMS) and you don’t have any coding skills, GreenGeek’s website builder comes in handy for your need. The website builder is free to use along with its whole lot of awesome templates.
Along with all these, you will get free marketing and SEO tools as well.

·         99.9% Service Uptime

We all run websites to make profits. So, our web entities should be online all the time provided no one can predict when an ‘aha’ moment happens.
That’s why you should select your web hosting provider carefully. You get nothing out of your website if the server often goes down.
GreenGeeks offers 99.9% service uptime. Yeah, you heard it right!
Where does the 0.1% go? Well, you need to face few seconds downtime when the server migration occurs (doesn’t happen even once a year).

·         Low Number of Sites Per Server

For shared hosting, most of the companies inject maximum sites in order to increase the profit. As a result, all the sites experience a slow loading speed.
GreenGeeks doesn’t do this. They host only a few websites in a single server. Means every website hosted on it have decent speed.

·         Free Nightly Backups

What if something bad happens to your site?
If you have backup of your site in your hand, you don’t have to worry about it. The backup can bring everything back to normal.
Manual backup process is a dreary one. We often forget about it. If you use WordPress, you can enable automatic backups with the help of plugins.
What if you don’t want to increase the site load by using a plugin?
Well, GreenGeeks take the backup of your site every night. And, you can get the same for free.

·         Various Types of Hosting

Almost all of us start with a shared hosting plan. But as our website grows, we have to change the hosting plan to VPS or even dedicated.
Hence, you should select a web host that provides scope to expand. Or else, you will struggle with website migration.
GreenGeeks has shared, VPS, WordPress, and reseller hosting. Means you can upgrade to a higher plan whenever you want.

·         30 Days Money Back Guarantee

GreenGeeks provide a money back period of 30 days.
If you don’t like their service, you can request your money back using the customer support. They will get it back to you.
I know you will not use the money back guarantee given that GG provides the best-in-class service.
The best thing about the money back policy is the customer care team will never ask you any question to change your mind.

·         24×7 Customer Support

Obviously, web hosting sometimes can be a geeky thing. As a beginner, you need expert hands to help you overcome issues.
GreenGeeks has a dedicated customer support team. Unlike other companies, they didn’t outsource customer support. GG has own team to solve your issues.
You can use live chat, email or even telephonic support. Live chat feature is available around the clock to help you out of any issues. Telephonic support is not a 24×7 service.
You don’t have to contact the customer care team for most of your issues. Inside the control panel, you get a knowledgebase that includes an extensive collection of videos and documentations about GG’s service.

·         Affordable Pricing

GreenGeeks follows industry level pricing. They didn’t price their shared hosting plan too much higher.
Only those people having sites with considerable revenue potential consider VPS hosting. So, they won’t find it expensive.
With shared hosting, you will get a free domain, plus a lot of unlimited and free features as well. The shard hosting starts as low as $3.96 per month.
If you give enough care to your website, you can even afford a VPS hosting plan within six months.

·         User-Friendly cPanel

If you are a website owner, you know the importance of cPanel or control panel. It is the toolbox of a website admin. You can manage your email accounts, create new database, install applications, integrate CloudFlare and even analyze the statistics.
The interface of cPanel may look familiar to you. They haven’t changed anything in order to keep the familiarity.
You don’t have to pay anything extra to keep using cPanel for ever. As long as you use GreenGeeks, you can have the access to their feature-rich control panel.

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Types of Hosting Offered by GreenGeeks

Now that you have read all the features of GreenGeeks, let’s have a look at the types of hosting they offer.

Shared Web Hosting

Unlike most of the competitors, GreenGeeks doesn’t offer different plans. You have already read the features. As they provide all the premium features without any limitations, there is no need to categorize the hosting into different plans.
The shared hosting starts from $3.95 per month. If you checked the price of shared hosting from other providers, you know it is industry level pricing. Nothing much and nothing more!
Even with the shared hosting, you get unlimited SSD storage. You can host as many websites as you want with a single account.
When you hit the Get Started button, you will be asked to enter an existing domain name or a new one you want to register. I have already told you that you will be getting a free domain with GreenGeeks shared hosting.
They also provide free migration service if you have hosted your site somewhere else. If you are a geek in web hosting, you can use SSH command line to have more control over your web space.
The one-click installer helps you quickly install any of the 150 apps available including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

WordPress Hosting

Are you going to start a WordPress blog? Or did you choose WP as the platform for your next website?
Then, you must go with GreenGreeks dedicated WP hosting. Yeah, along with shared hosting, they do have one specifically designed for WordPress websites.
The cost is the same as that of regular shared hosting; $3.95 per month. Means your website will be sharing the web space with several other sites.
The features are what make WP hosting different?
You get all the features of shared hosting; free domain, unlimited domain hosting, free marketing credits, one-click installer, money back guarantee, and more.
What’s so unique then?
If you have a team and you want to manage the workflow, then WordPress hosting is the best for you.
You will get Grit pre-installed on your cPanel. So, the workflow management will not be an issue.
Have you ever get a file size limit on uploading error with WP? Then, you might have figured out that you should play with php.ini to lift the limitation.
GreenGeeks allows you to select a PHP version and manage your own php.ini version.
In order to provide the maximum control, you will be getting WP-CLI and SSH access too. (WP-CLI is a set of command line tools).
You have to keep the WP version up-to-date in order to avoid the security loopholes. GreenGeeks brings automatic updates for you. So, you shouldn’t care about it.
Even if your website shares web space with other sites on the same server, the changes made by others won’t affect yours because GG uses account isolation technology.

VPS Hosting

Next up here is VPS hosting. I hope you know what Virtual Private Server aka VPS is.
VPS comes in the middle of shared and dedicated. Simply put you get a dedicated server hosting-like experience with shared servers in a budget.
You get dedicated resources with VPS hosting. GreenGeeks offers four different types of VPS. The number of CPU cores remains the same with all these plans (four).

  • With the first plan, you get 1 GB RAM, 25 GB SSD storage, and 1000 GB bandwidth cores at $39.95 per month.
  • The second plan contains 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD storage, and 1500 GB bandwidth at a monthly cost of $59.95.
  • For $79.95, you can have 3 GB RAM, 75 GB storage, and 2000 GB bandwidth with the third plan.
  • The price, RAM, storage and bandwidth go all the way up to $99.95, 4, 100, and 2500 GB with the fourth plan.
  • When it comes to the final VPS plan, the RAM has got the best (8 GB) and price goes to $159.95 per month. Everything else gets a periodic raise (125 GB storage and 3000 GB bandwidth).

Reseller Hosting

If you want to make money by selling web space, you can go with GG reseller hosting. They have five reseller plans. You can get it provisioned in the US or Canada.

Along with all plans, you get free unlimited cPanel licenses. In order to ease the customer management, GG provides you with free billing system and eNom domain reseller account to register, transfer, and manage your customer’s domains.

Final Verdict

So, what do you think?
If you ask me the same question, I will say I am impressed.
GreenGeeks offers a set of incredible features without raising the industry scale pricing. Given that they have options to upgrade, you won’t have to face the migration issues once you switch to GG.

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