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Black friday sale

Fishing Reel Black Friday

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Are you thinking to have a Fishing Reel Black Friday? If your answer is yes then have it during Fishing Reel Black Friday Sale as during this time you will get huge discount on each and every single Trampoline. Grab Fishing Reel Black Friday deals this year.

Fishing Reel Black Friday Deals 2022


From prehistory periods fishing remains one of the lucrative businesses, people also catch fish for their survival. In present times people also do sports fishing. Someone catches fish with bare hands, someone with nets and many do angling. For angling, we need spinning fishing reels. Good and reliable fishing tools will make the whole experience of fishing to a new level, one can enjoy this activity. To provide a pristine experience Penn comes with its product  Battle 2  spinning fishing reel.

At first we need to know  “who  is Penn?”  Penn is a  American based  fishing tools manufacturing company . They are manufacturing mainly  fishing reels and rods . Battle 2 spinning fishing reel is the  most value for money product from Penn . For caching big sea water fish this is the perfect product .

After buying this one can  use it years after years without any tension ,thanks to the rugged  durable  built quality which  make this products long survival . Corrosion free rust resistant quality of this product is very  conducive for sea water usages  and adds further  longitudinal mileage . The reel made from full metal , there is no sign of  cost cutting .  The gear alignment is so perfect that  with extreme usages also the gear  performs  optimally and remain immaculate . This definitely gives some extra edge while fishing in competition environment .

Controlling hard pulling large fish is very difficult in actual scenario . To solve this problem Battle 2 spinning fishing reels comes with  HT -100 drag system for buttery smooth drag . This is helps one to generate power for catching  hyper fish . This drag demands seasonal greasing for optimal performance . The gear ratio of the product is 6.2 :1 .

The ball bearing used  in it is made from stainless steel which gives smooth performance. Super smooth cranking , thanks to  the ball bearing , five sealed ball bearings are there . An anti reverse  bearing locks the rotor for backward movement which helps one to confirm the fish after hooking  with out why repugnancy .Rubber gasket  used in  the pool or reel which restrain  the superline under immense pressure . One can use the marking in  reel  to guess the remaining  line left  for use .

Handling  is super easy .  Gross weight  of 1.87 OZ makes this product user friendly.  The product dimension is  6.50×6.50×4.25 inches and the model number is  BTLII6000.  High quality of aluminium is used for manufacturing this product .

To bag in every fish quickly and conveniently, this is best in business. To change your whole experience of fishing, on the positive side, this product is highly recommended. One can buy this product from any supermarket offline. This product is also available online on some website. Different bank discount offers run on this which makes this product cheaper and value for money.



From ancient times fishing remains  an one of the  popular activity, even today it is   not loose it’s  charm. Fishing  is  catching fish  . Different technique for catching fish includes hand gathering, spearing, netting , angling , trapping etc. Some catch fish for recreational purpose or some may be for commercial purpose  but one thing is common for increase their chance to catch the fish they need some fishing equipment .  For angling one must try  PENN PURSUIT® III fishing reels .

PENN is a fishing tackle manufacturing company. This Is an American company. They manufacture fishing reels and rods. They are known for the durability of their products.

Smooth gear functions and long lasting durable built quality of  pursuit III from Penn  will make this product  very successful . This product tests thoroughly by experts of Penn .  The reel  or the wheel made from graphite , which is the main reason for this products lite weight and also this product is corrosion resistant . Carbon fiber made HT-100™  drag washer  made this product perfect for sea water angling . Carbon fiber is more liter and more stronger than steel . When the fish is  angled to conform the fish it has a special mechanism .  Twinkling anti reverse stops the rotor immediately  and instant hook ups every time . This is comes with 4+1 stainless smooth bearing system  which take measures of mellifluous recuperates . The spool is coated with  aluminium oxide by an electrolytic process , this process is called adonization   as the metal forms the anode , which increase the longevity of the product .

This product available in two colours  that is black  or silver . For this product six reel size available , they are 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000. More options for the fisherman .  The gear ratio of all the Pursuit III is  6.2:1 .  But the maximum drag capacity changes from  4.5 kg to 11.3 kg .  PUR III 2500 has drag capacity of 4.5 kg , PUR III 3000 has 5.4 kg , PUR III 4000 has  6.8 kg , PUR III 5000 has 9kg , PUR III 6000 has also 9kg ,  PUR III 8000 has 11.3 kg . Reel handle positioned modified at both side , right hand  or left hand fisherman ,both can  fish without any problem . Although the product is super lite for longer duration use but it’s weight changes with reel size , it varies from  9.8 OZ to 29.1 OZ .

One who loves fishing and specially offshore fishing ,this is a must have product for them .  Durability, longevity, smooth fishing are epitomes for  Penn pursuit III fishing reels .With seasonal greasing  and proper maintenance  one can use this for decades . Both new angler and pro angler can comfortably use this product .

Affordable cheap pricing, more than adequate line capacity ,overall versatility and  with Penn’s reliability makes Pursuit III most value for money .  One can buy it from online or offline , with discount offers this product become  even more affordable .



With  traditional old style  angling style one can not catch fish  in unstable water .  In fresh  water to catch large fish one must upgrade his angling equipment such as fishing reel, fishing rod etc.  Upgraded fishing reel makes fishing easier and for this purpose Abu Gracia comes with their black max low profile baitcast fishing reel . Lite weight and  buttery smooth function of this product made this popular among fisherman . This product make life easier for  new fisherman ,  veteran  players  also sharpen their skill  with this . This product is perfect for  angling in fast flowing river  and high capacity of the product  is perfect for larger fish . One can also use this in  stable inland waterways .

Abu Gracia is a fishing equipment manufacturing company from America, although they start their business in  Sweden. Their product is well known among the fishing community. Their product is known for its built quality.  For a better experience, one can buy full angling set from Abu Gracia. Attaché  Abu Gracia fishing reel with a fishing wheel for a better-improved experience.

This Abu Gracia black max is made from graphite  which makes this product long lasting, durable and  rust free . The spool is made from aluminium oxide ,which is the reason for the lite weight. The gear is made from lite and durable brass  ,which increase the life of it . This strong brass gear can easily controls the strongest of fishes .

This fishing reel has equipped with latest engineering  such we Magtrax break and  power disc drag. Magtrax breaking system  helps to apply coherent break pressure completely all over the cast  . This power disc drag is helpful  for capturing  hard pulling fish species . This system streamlining the whole process of fishing .  Four stainless  steel ball bearing  attached with one roller ball bearing helps the wheel to move freely .

Weight of the product is as lite as 202  gram and  it’s dimension  17.8×12.7× 7.6 centimetres . The handle is on the right side which is more suitable for righty . The handle is  made from stain less still  . The vibrant looking black and red colour combination looks classy on this product .

For subsistence fishing, sports fishing and even in commercial fishing this  fishing wheel is very helpful. Modern engineering and super designing and lite weight of Abu Gracia Black Max 3 low profile puts the Fisherman in centre of attention , every one gets jealous with his fishing skills . Invest in this fishing  reel once and this will gives you return years after years .  Periodic greasing required  for better usability. If any one wants to purchase it than he can buy it through some e commerce website via online mode  or from some fishing equipment store via offline mode .  Multiple  offers makes this product cheaper and pocket friendly  and increase the value for money propositions.

When will the Fishing Reel Black Friday sale start?

As I have said earlier the actual Black Friday date is the 25th of November and ends on  28th December 2022. But sale started 1-2 days before Thanksgiving day, then they continue the sale through black Friday to cyber Monday.

How to get the best deal from the amazon Fishing Reel Thanksgiving day sale?

  1. Manually check 2-3 days before Black Friday. As last year amazon did a pre-black Friday sale before starting a black Friday sale. So you can take advantage of pre-sale if amazon arranges the same sale for this year. In case of cyber Monday, cyber Monday sale is started once the black Friday sale is over and the actual cyber Monday sale is 28th November 2022.
  2. Create an amazon prime account to get prime only deals as well as early access to cyber Monday deals.
  3. Even they also arrange a special deal for Alexa users. Just you had to ask, “Alexa, what are your deal”. Alexa will inform you of all the running deals.
  4. Install the Amazon app and set up a watch deal. Or you can visit this page during thanksgiving, black Friday, cyber Monday sales day. Here we are going to give you the best cyber Monday deals for you.


So if you are thinking of buying a Fishing Reel then you can also look for our similar outdoor-related products that are Fishing Tackle Black Friday on this black Friday.

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