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Fatcow Review – { 80% Discount Coupon } – July 2022

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Web hosting is the residence of any website, you know? So for a secure and everlasting website, you need a powerful web hosting.

I am well aware of the unlimited number of hosting providers, which made the process of distinguishing best from the worst almost impossible. No marketer can identify the quality web hosting service at the first glance. In order to understand the quality of a web hosting provider, you need to use them or at least seek the experience from people who use them.

Today, I am here to introduce you with one of the finest web hosting providers of all time.

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Introducing FatCow

FatCow is one of the rare providers whose trademark and main service is sharedFatcow Review Black Friday (1) hosting. Being started back in 1988, FatCow has grown with time to be the reliable and most value-for-money web service.

Later, the company was bought by EIG (Endurance International Group), which owns about fifty such brands and having around two million satisfied customers around the globe.

Fatcow Review

Now that you have got accustomed to FatCow; it’s time dig into their features now.

#1. Free Domain Name

All of us like to get freebies, right? If you choose to go with FatCow, you don’t have to spend any buck to buy a top level domain name because with each plan, they give one for free.

In today’s web property scenario, you need at least $10 to get your hands on a custom domain. Who cares to spend the money when you get the domain for free of costs?

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to setup a website. But not anymore! FatCow offers free website setup as well.

#2. An Array of Unlimited Features

If you check FatCow’s specs sheet, you will find a series of unlimited features. It starts with unlimited disk space that you will need as you scale up your business to get millions of daily hits. Unlimited bandwidth is also important when it comes to a popular site.

Many of the hosting providers allow their customers to host one domain per account. But with a FatCow account, you can host unlimited domains with one free (as I said earlier).

Unlimited email accounts are another feature using which you can create as many custom email ids as you want.

#3. Free Credits and Site Tools

Do you know the power of Google Adwords? If you don’t, you must read about the ability of the same to make a website a hit.

With every FatCow purchase, you will get $100 credit to take your online venture to new level. Yahoo and Bing ads can do the good for your site as well. That’s why you get a $100 credit for those as well.

Plus, a Yellow page listing will be given free.

If you are about to start a service business and need a toll-free number, FatCow can give you one for free (only for US residents).

You will also be provided with the best site builder along with impeccable templates.

#3. Web Application Installation Tools

FatrCow’s cPanel is rich with a lot of application installation tools. They include WordPress, Gallery 2, phpBB, gBook, Joomla, Poll, Survey and Counter Tools. It is easy to install a service with a few clicks right away.

Fatcow Coupon 2022- {80% Discount}

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Wrapping Up

I hope you would find my FatCow review useful to decide a web hosting provider. In case of any doubt, you can let me know using the comment section down below.

Oops! I forgot to say that there is an offer going on for FatCow as they are providing web hosting for $1.99 now.

Just go there and purchase now because it’s a limited period offer.