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We’re big fans of the recent product of electric skateboards or, which is really great for the short distance ride. If you claim to have the best in class speed, range and torque then I will refer you to take a look at the Enertion Raptor 2. It is really great for short distance ride.

Enertion is a company that a few years ago sold electric skateboard parts. Earlier people brought electric skateboard parts to form Enertion to modify and create DIY boards. So enertion is a trust-able brand and you can buy enertion raptor 2 without having hesitation in your mind. Jason Potter the owner of enertion first build boards for himself as he loved skateboarding. Later on, his friends and his relatives requested to make a board for them and he made it for them. Then he decided to build a company and launch enertion 1 which was really nice and loved by every people. Then he decided to launch enertion 2 in May 2017. The Enertion Raptor 2 claims to have the best in class speed, range, and torque. Its really fast and its speed is 28 mph which really catch the attention of every buyer.

Enertion raptor 2 – Review 2019

We have mention about its speed earlier so you should know how fast it is  what you does not know that within how much time it catches its super fast speed? Now i am clearing your confusion that  it can reach that speed in just over 3 seconds.

Now i think one question should rise in your mind that from where it got this neck breaking speed. I am clearing your confusion the Raptor 2 is equipped with two of these large motors for exceptional torque & high-speed performance. Combine the power of the Dual R-spec ghost motors & patent pending staticool technology these motors will outperform all of the competition.

Comfortable to hold and portable – It is comfortable to hold and small enough to be put into your smallest pocket  for storage. It is wireless and you can recharge it  via a standard micro USB port.

Battery Power- The board can run for 20 miles with a single charge which i think is really impressing with its speed. The skate runs a 360 Wh battery, allowing such insane run time.  Its charge remain for 2 to 2.5 hours.

Deck materials – Its deck material is carbon fiber and maple composite with alloy handles.

enertion raptor 2



Top speed- 28 mph.

Range-          25 mph.

Dimension- Length  930mm ,Width  280mm

Wheelbase- 820mm.

Battery –  360wh

Charge time – 2-2.5 hours.

Motors – Two 9080 R-Spec Hub motors

Warranty – 1 year instant parts replacement warranty.

Weight – 10kg (22lbs).

Water and dust resistant – IP65 rated design.

Buyers guide of Enertion raptor 2

Check is it waterproof or not?

It’s vital to see if the e-skateboard you’re buying is waterproof. You would prefer not to be caught in the rain (or experience a startling puddle) with your new skateboard.

Everyone knows that water and water don’t mix. There are a couple of different components on some electric skateboards that likewise don’t like to being wet. Would you be able to figure? The vast majority probably already know that bearings don’t really like being wet.

Get your work done discover an product that is built to last, It does not matter what the environment throws at you. Any serious product should have an Ingress Protection Rating clearly indicated. IP65 or greater is what you should look for.


Always look for warranty product as you are expending your hard earned money to this product. So you should have a close eye whether the product is providing you warranty or not.

Battery power –

When it comes about battery power,bigger battery is always battery. If the battery is larger then it can consume power and you can have a extra ride on a single charge. So make your research before buying enertion raptor 2 and find out if the battery is capable of delivering the performance you desire.

Enertion Raptor 2 Discount

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What i like in enertion raptor 2- Waterproofing

Coming down to the main point regarding why I like the Enertion. This board has been rated IP65 which is a great decent score. These numbers fundamentally mean that the board will work splendidly well in any condition. Be it rain or tidy, this board will be flawlessly protected. However, we don’t suggest tossing the board into water or sand just because it is proofed for those elements.



Nothing more I can say about enertion raptor 2. Now it’s your time to make a decision about buying enertion raptor 2. I will say you this board has all the capabilities to leave you speechless. It is light, strong, with a powerful motor and incredible battery and range if you tell me to explain it in one word then I will say you that it is an absolute beast. You can take enertion raptor 2 for you without having any hesitation in your mind.


Frequently Asked Question 

What’s the speed of new enertion raptor 2?

The Enertion Raptor 2 claims to have the best in class speed, range, and torque. Its really fast and its speed is 28 mph.

What is the best thing about enertion raptor 2?

Enertion raptor 2 is best for short journey as it provides better speed than any other skateboard. 



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