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Black friday sale

Blackstone Griddle Black Friday

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Searching for some best Black Friday deals on the Blackstone Griddle. Here we have listed down some best Blackstone griddle black Friday deals for you.

Blackstone Griddle Black Friday


If you are looking for a Blackstone griddle that is affordable and fits in your tightBLACK STONE 17 INCH PORTABLE GAS GRIDDLE budget then this 17-inch portable gas griddle is the perfect choice for you. It not only fits in your budget but quality-wise it is one of the good black stone griddles. I will not recommend this portable gas griddle to larger families as it is good for bachelors for two to three people. If you are going on a trip or you love to travel then also it is a good choice but on a daily basis and you have 5 to 6 or more members in your family then I will not recommend this black stone 17-inch portable gas griddle to you. It is made of good quality stainless steel which gives it a pretty look. Its construction is durable and well-designed. It can be fitted anywhere in your kitchen as it is very compact in size and lightweight. It comes in large cooking surface which is good for 2 to 3 people. It was you to 60 square inch cooking surface which is enough for small families. Because of its compact size, you can travel easily with this griddle you can take it anywhere with you, and can be placed easily. It comes with foldable features you can flip its upside toward down which makes it more compact so that it occupies very less space. That is why it is called a portable gas griddle. It does not come with any castor wheels because it is very light in weight you can easily lift it up whenever you need. Its bottom surface is completely flat and can be placed easily on every kind of surface. It comes with startup mechanism settings so that you can easily start with push of a button. As you press the button and the fuel inside the propane tank gives ignition so that you can cook your meal. It needs very less power to start it is user-friendly and easy to use. Because of its stainless steel burner, it keeps away rust and moisture away from it and keeps your food completely safe and hygienic. Its at-ship design helps to heat up very quickly. Which helps to produce even heat distribution on the surface. Its burner has 12000 BTU which is enough for some recipes in some recipes you need more power but at this reasonable price, it is enough. Completely worth your money. The only drawback of this 17-inch portable gas griddle is it cannot perform well in a Windy atmosphere. Cleaning is not an issue in this portable gas grill it is easy to clean. It comes with some additional features for example built-in Greece catcher which makes its surface nonsticky and electric ignition.


If you want a gas grill and a griddle both things in one equipment then this is the best choice for you. It works as gas grill and as well as a griddle. It can perform both the works effectively and with perfection. This tailgater combo comes in one of the best combo as it contains best grill and best griddle both. So when it comes to choosing best griddles then this tailgater combo also comes in this line. The best thing about this combo is you can control the temperature of grill and griddle separately. If you are cooking something on grill and griddle then you can keep the temperature according to both the dishes separately. Which gives the perfect flavor and texture to your meal. Being bigger in size it is called as portable why?. Because the grill and griddle can be easily set up within a seconds so that you can n folded or reassemble and makes its eyes compact whenever you need to travel with this. Its assembly required very few seconds so you can easily keep it anywhere and camping tripping picnics anywhere. It comes with 4 adjustable legs which helps you to make it stable on the uneven surface and ground. Which also makes it is strong in windy atmosphere. When it comes to its versatility no one can beat this. You can enjoy several different combinations of dishes on this portable grill and griddle. you can utilise both the things grill and griddle at the same time or you can use it differently or remove both and use to open burners it’s up to you how you want to use this combo set. You can remove grill and greater and use its open to Verna surface you can cook meal on pots and pans. You can also do one thing you can put the cradle on the grill and use one open burner and one as grill and griddle it is multitasking and multipurpose combo set. Which is perfect for every occasion every trip. It offers you lots of options. You can cook anything and even you can barbeque whatever you want. You can enjoy the variety of dishes on this combo set. No comes to its construction part I want to tell you one thing it is made by very good quality of stainless Steel material which is non-stick in nature it means if anything spill on it, it will not stick you can clean it very easily. Its heavy duty grill box gives it enough strength to cook and perform for you for very long time. It also comes with durable cast iron grill grates and handles with an additional cold rolled steel griddle plate which helps you to cook varieties of food. Its complete body is coated with a strong powder finish which gives it a classy look. This combo set comes with two burners that can be controlled separately. One stainless steel burner has a h shape and one is cast iron. Its H shape burner gives 15,000 BTU output which helps you to cook a meal faster. Undercast iron burner produces 20000 BTU power which is really very high. No doubt on its performance it saves your time and cooks your meal very nicely. It is perfect for small bigger every kind of family and small functions too. When it reaches to you it requires a little bit of assembly which can be easily done by you. If you do not like the product or you will not satisfied with this product you can contact with Blackstone team directly and return this product. It provides you best services also.


If you are looking for a powerful griddle having great performance and the best features at any cost then this is for you. It is a little bit pricey but it offers you the best features of all. If you have this powerful performing 36-inch griddle station then you can host parties at your home. It provides you with 720 square inch cooking area which is very large you can cook mean for a number of people in this large surface area. It comes with 4 burners which offer 60000 power. It means every single Burner offers 15,000 BTU power. Which is sufficient to cook anything. This is one of the best griddles among all the riddles in the market. It is available in cooking options you can choose whether low or high cooking option. It is perfect for every party everything but not for those who lives their bachelor life. This larger grill needs 20 pound propane tank and this tank storage is located at the left side of the grill. Apart from the storage it offers you bottom shelves and two side shelf to you have all the necessary things with you while cooking. It is very easy to use and can be assemble very easily. You just need to push a button and it starts. As it is bigger in size it seems that cleaning will not be any issue but trust me it is very easy to clean. When it reaches to you it requires assembly which needs approx. half an hour time. Which is not a great deal you can assemble it by following these steps mentioned in the guide which comes with this griddle. It is also easy to move it from one place to another place which makes it perfect choice for camping and trips when you are going in a group. It is constructed with durable material and heavy duty stainless steel which makes it rust free. The only thing which can disappoint you in this griddle is it does not comes with any measuring thermometer. Overall it is a nice deal which offers you durable construction, easily assembling, battery power push ignition system, large cooking surface, and high BTU power.

When will Blackstone griddle black Friday sale start?

This year’s Black Friday date is November 25, 2022. But generally, Black Friday sales started from 2-3 days prior to actual black Friday. So you will get almost a whole week ( As sale continues till cyber Monday) to buy any product at the biggest discount price.

When will Blackstone griddle Cyber Monday sale start?

Once black Friday is over then generally cyber Monday sale starts. Actual cyber Monday is November 28, 2022.

How to get the best deal in this Black Friday sale?

  • Manually check 2-3 days before Black Friday. As last year amazon did a pre-black Friday sale before starting Black Friday sale. So you can take advantage of the pre-sale if amazon arranges the same sale for this year.
  • Create an amazon prime account to get prime-only deals as well as early access to Black Friday deals.
  • Even they also arrange special deals for Alexa users. Just you had to ask, “Alexa, what are your deal”. Alexa will inform you of all the running deals.
  • Install the Amazon app Create a list and get notified whenever any price drops.
  • Or you can visit this page during Black Friday sales day. Here we are going to add all Black Friday deals for you.

I hope these deals will save you valuable money. so don’t forget to share this deal with your friends. Even you can go through all other pages, Here we have listed down more than 1000+ different Black Friday deals for you.

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