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Best Receipt Scanner and Receipt Scanner Apps 2022

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Best Receipt Scanner and Receipt Organizer


Receipt scanner is essential whether you are an individual businessman or a company owner. A receipt scanner is always handy in the taxation task.
In this post, I’m going to describe lots of things about the receipt scanner.
Like, why you should buy a receipt scanner ? or what are the best portable receipt scanners ? or What things you should keep in mind while purchasing a receipt scanner?
So, read this post till the end. I promise this post will clear your all queries about the receipt scanner and help you to find the best receipt scanner for you.
So without wasting much time. Let’s dig out more about the receipt scanner.
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Best Receipt scanner – Editor’s Pick

Best Desktop Receipt Scanner

If you are in a hurry and do want to read the full comparison of the receipt scanner. Then these editors pick a section for you. Brother image center ADS 2800w wireless scanner is our top pick from the below listed 10 receipt scanner. We tried so many receipt scanner for different purposes, I can say all of them are good, but I can't say all of them are perfect for doing any task. Among them, the Brother image center ADS 2800w wireless scanner is the only receipt scanner that has almost all the features that you want to in your receipt scanner. As I said, "Almost" means this product also has some minor cons which might not affect you but if you want to know about them then check our full review of Brother image center ADS 2800w wireless scanner from the below section.

Best Portable Receipt Scanner

Doxie Go SE is our recommended portable scanner. It has all the features that a portable receipt scanner needs. Once you fully charged this device, you can scan up to 400 pages. No need to have a computer to operate this device. Open this device and start scanning. It's only 1.2 pounds weight so you can carry it anywhere. Above all its supports OCR and searchable PDF techniques.

Best Receipt Scanner App

If you are searching for a free receipt scanner app, then download Receipt by the wave, it's 100% free. But if you are looking for a premium app that has 24x7 live customer support and integrates with smart business tools like - QuickBooks and Xero. Then either go with Expensify or go with shoeboxes. Both are good receipt-scanning apps.

Comparison Table Receipt Scanner

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Brother DS-620 Review

Brother DS-620 is the cheapest receipt scanner on our list. It’s only size of 12 inches and 1 pound weight, so you can carry it with you wherever you go. One major bad thing is this portable scanner can only capable to scan a limited amount of paper daily if you want to scan lots of paper then increase your budget and check higher models. But still, according to its price, it has excellent scan quality and can scan 3-4 pages per minute. So if you are searching for an inexpensive portable scanner that can scan 10-20 pages daily then go with this scanner. You can check brother other higher-end models, which offer much more features and speed compared to this.

What we like in This Brother DS 620Brother DS-620 Black Friday

  • A below $100 receipt scanner with OCR technology is no doubt the best.
  • Need a USB connection to start this scanner. No need to find an AC adapter port.
  • Can scan the business documents, receipt, business cards, photos, invoices and more. But the maximum size of any document can be 8.5″ x 32 “
  • Can scan up to 1200 x 1200 dpi interpolated resolution or 600 x 600 dpi optical resolution.
  • Some excellent softwares are included with this scanner like – DSmobile Capture, Presto Pagemanager 9 and Presto Bizcard.
  • It also supports BR Receipt. ( BR receipt is a receipt management software that extracts data from scanned receipt and exports them to Quickbooks. )

Things we miss in Brother DS-620 Portable Scanner

  • Wifi support. I thought its the most essential features that I miss in Brother DS-620. If it supports Wifi then we could easily store scanned copies on the cloud storage like google drive, Evernote etc.
  • Scanning speed on a slower side. As they claim Brother DS-620 can scan 8 pages per minute. But in reality, we can scan only 4-5 pages per minute which is quite low if we compare this with Brother image center scanner.
  • Sometime OCR technology didn’t recognize properly. So search pdf file didn’t work properly.
  • No paper holder. You have to put each paper one by one.

Why It’s not in our top pick
As you can see, this receipt scanner missed some good features. We pick top portable scanner not only the basis of price, with the price we check its all features, scanning speed and usefulness. As you can see except price in all other departments it’s lagging behind, that’s why we couldn’t pick it in our top list.
Still, if you are searching for a portable receipt scanner below $100 then no can beat Brother DS-620 in this price segment.

Check Price On Amazon

Fujitsu Scansnap S1300i Review

Fujitsu is one of the elite brands in the printer and scanner industry. They are producing printer and scanners over a decade. Recently they discontinued their one of the most selling receipt scanner i.e, Fujitsu Scansnap IX500 and launch a more future riched product called Fujitsu Scansnap IX1500. But Fujitsu IX1500 is a desktop scanner and here we are talking about a portable scanner by Fujitsu i.e, Fujitsu Scansnap S1300i. Compare to the other portable receipt scanner it’s a little bit costlier. But it has some features that might insist you to go with this.
What we like in this Fujitsu Scansnap S1300iFujitsu Scansnap S1300i Black Friday

  • Like Brother DS 620 it also connects PC through USB cable.
  • It has a duplex scanning feature. That means, at a time this scanner can scan both sides of a paper.
  • Supports ADF ( Automatic document feeder) technology. You can stack up to 10 pages in that feeder.
  • Scan speed is excellent compares to the other portable scanner. It can do 12ppm (page per minute) duplex scanning.
  • Manage your scanned documents from its own software i.e, Scansnap Organizer.
  • Improve OCR technology gives you full power to search keywords in the scanned PDF file.
  • Intelligent scan correction does automatic color correction, blank page removal, crop, etc.
  • Scansnap receipt software automatically collects exact payment information and export that information into excel price.

Things we miss in Fujitsu Scansnap S1300i

  • Price is obviously a big disadvantage for this. As we know with the same feature we can buy a doxie receipt scanner for almost lesser than $100.
  • No wifi support. We think portable receipt scanner wifi support or inbuilt SD card is a must feature. Because if it has inbuilt wifi or storage then without having any laptop and PC we can scan receipts on the go.
  • As a Mac user, I could not say it is 100% correct or not. But we saw some Amazon buyers are complaining that this scanner didn’t support windows 10. It works well on windows 7. So do check or verify before purchasing Fujitsu scan snap S1300i.

Why It’s not in our top pick
According to its features, it could be in our top pick but due to missing of wifi and storage, we could not pick it in our top section. As we think wifi and storage capability are must feature in a portable scanner.
You can go for this if you regularly need duplex scanning and automatic document feeder technology. As most of portable scanners are not compatible with duplex scanning as well as ADF technology.

Check Price On Amazon

Doxie Go SE Review

Here comes our favorite portable scanner. From our perspective, the doxie Go SE is the best portable scanner in terms of price and features. It has all the features that you need in a portable scanner. As a portable scanner, it might lag behind a desktop scanner in terms of speed and quality. But a desktop scanner is a desktop scanner, you can’t compare them with a portable scanner. With Doxie go SE we also include Doxie Q in our best receipt scanner list. We will review doxie Q also in the below part of the post. Let’s dig out Doxie Go SE all its features, Pros, and Cons.
Doxie Go SE Black Friday
What we like in the Doxie Go SE 
First of all, we like everything in Doxie Go SE scanner. It has all the features that we personally want.

  • Compare to the other portable scanner its scanning speed is too fast. As they claimed Doxie go SE can scan an 8.5″x15″ color page at 600 dpi within 8 seconds. That means I can scan up to 15-20 pages per minute at 300 dpi.
  • No computer is required. You can scan and store documents in its inbuilt storage. It can store up to 4000 scans. After that, you have to move your scan file to your pc or laptop. Generally, Doxie goes SE comes with 8 GB internal storage but you can increase its storage capacity up to 32 GB just like in the digital camera we did. Doxie go SE supports a maximum storage capacity of 32 GB.
  • Powerful Battery. It can scan up to 400 pages per single charge. This feature gives 10-15 extra points to this portable scanner due to its marathon battery.
  • Supports wifi. So whenever you go you don’t need to carry your PC or searching a power port for connection. Just connect it through wifi and effortlessly move your scan documents to your favorite cloud service like google drive, Evernote, Dropbox, etc. Even you can connect it through your Apple device ( iPad, iPhone).
  • Doxie App Sync software supports both Mac and windows. It also uses ABBYY OCR technology to recognize text in a pdf file. Unlike other portable scanners, its OCR technology is almost 100% perfect.
  • It also supports auto correction like image cropping, rotating, managing color contrast, blank page removal, etc.
  • Above all, Doxie Go SE has the best support system in the scanner industry. With excellent support, they also offer a 1-year warranty.
Doxie Go SE comes with 2 different version 1. Doxie Go SE and 2. Doxie Go SE wifi. As the name suggests, one comes with wifi and others not. We recommend Doxie go wifi edition, as having wifi in the scanner is always a big advantage in portability. Whereas the price difference is only $20. So if you are determine to buy Doxie Go SE then invest $20 more and buy its wifi edition
What I Miss in Doxie Go SE 

  • Duplex scanning is the main feature that we miss in Doxie go SE. It would be great if we see this feature in this portable scanner.
  • It might be misjudged if we choose missing ADF technology as a disadvantage. Because almost all portable scanners didn’t support ADF ( automatic document feeder) technology as its effect in portability. If ADF is mandatory for your scanning then check Doxie Q where a foldable ADF is attached to the scanner.
  • Doxie Go SE doesn’t have an app for android users.

Why did we choose this product as our top pick?
We choose this product not only on the basis of its features but also we see its price. We try several other products in this price category but none of them can’t compete with Doxie go SE. We choose this product on the basis of features that a portable scanner should have, don’t compare it with other desktop scanners. If you want a desktop scanner with an Automatic document feeder then increase your budget and buy Doxie Q.
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Doxie Q Review

In our previous review, we already mention about Doxie Q scanner. It is one of the finest and fully featured portable receipt scanner. Doxie Q is comparatively costlier than Doxie go SE, but it has all the features that you missed in Doxie go SE. Let’s check out its all features.
What I like in Doxie Q Doxie Q Black Friday

  • Doxie Q has all the features that you see in Doxie Go SE. So I don’t want to repeat all those features. You can read it from Doxie Go SE section.
  • From Storage to scanning speed all are the same as Doxie Go SE have. One difference is Doxie Q can scan up to 1000 scan per charge.
  • Now talks about the extra feature. i.e, It has a collapsible automatic document feeder. Which means it can scan a bunch of paper automatically.

What I miss in Doxie Q

  • Like Doxie Go SE, Doxie Q doesn’t support duplex scanning. It can only scan one side at a time.
  • Doxie Q apps support windows, mac, ios devices but Doxie Q doesn’t have an app for Android devices.

Why It’s not in our top pick
When we pick a portable receipt scanner we keep eyes on its features, portability, and price. As we assume portable receipt scanner doesn’t need a huge no of scanning work regularly. That’s why we ignore ADF technology while choosing a portable scanner. If you think ADF technology compulsory for your scanning work then buy Doxie Q.

Check Price On Amazon

Brother DS-920DW Review

Brother DS 920DW is the upper version of Brother DS620. Its also a portable scanner but have much more feature compare to the Brother DS620. In our previous review, we saw a portable scanner with a foldable document feeder. Now in this product, you will see a duplex document scanner. That means It will scan much more faster than other portable scanners.
what I like about Brother DS-920DWBrother DS-920DW Black Friday

  • A portable receipt scanner that comes with duplex scanning. It can scan up to 8 pages per minute for single side and up to 11 pages per minute duplex scanning.
  • It supports wifi as well as it has built-in 4 GB storage. So you can store your scanned image in its inbuilt storage when you are not in a wifi zone. As it has a wifi system, that means you can store your images simultaneously on google drive, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.
  • It supports Android, ios, windows, mac all devices. Brother has a dedicated apps for android and apple devices, it is called MIWAND app. You can download it from the play store or app store. It also supports PaperPort software for windows and page manager software for mac.
  • Brother DS 920DW scans at a resolution of up to 600×600 dpi optical and 1200×1200 dpi interpolated.
  • It also supports BR receipt software which means you can connect your QuickBooks account for taxation.

What I miss in BR DS-920DW

  • It’s not a major disadvantage. But it would be a perfect scanner if it has an automatic document feeder. As we can see in a similar price range Doxie Q offers an ADF scanner.
  • The battery is not much powerful compared to other portable scanners.

Why it’s not in our top pick 
Actually, we are a little confused between this and Doxie go SE scanner. We couldn’t able to pick our best one. We compare both devices thoroughly and find some pros and cons on both devices. As in Doxie Go SE, there is no duplex scanning option. whereas Brother DS 920DW has a less powered battery and less storage. That’s why we pick Doxie go SE instead of this. If you need duplex scanning often then go with Brother DS 920DW.

Check Price On Amazon

Fujitsu Scansnap S1100i Review

Fujitsu Scansnap S1100i is the best lightweight portable scanner on this list. It has similar features to Brother DS-620 and Brother DS 920DW scanners. It can scan as small as 1-inch of paper. Even you can scan 2 small size documents at the same time. It is the predecessor version of Fujitsu scansnap S1300i.  let’s dig out Fujitsu scansnap S1100i all features that I Like.
What I like about Fujitsu Scansnap S1100i

  • Very lightweight. This receipt scanner weight less than 1 pound, which is definitely a big thumbs up for any portable scanner lover.
  • Like other portable scanners, it can also do color scans up to 8 pages per minute.
  • When we saw its software we were amazed more. It uses card minder software to extract contact information from a business card and store them as an editable file. So you can export them to excel, salesforce, or other contact managers. For other scanning stuff, it uses scansnap organizer software that allows you to search any content or keyword, or address in the scanned pdf files. with these, it also supports scansnap receipt, which actually collects data from the scanned receipt and stores them into a CSV file for easy tax filing.
  • It can be connected through a USB cable no need of any power adaptor.

What I miss in Fujitsu Scansnap S1100i
It doesn’t have any inbuilt storage or wifi system. That means you can’t scan your document on the go. you have to connect it to your pc or your smartphone to do that.
No duplex scanning and no automatic document feeder.
Why this is not in our top pick
Compare to other portable scanners ( Doxie go SE, Doxie Q, Brother DS 920 DW) this portable scanner is less featured. This scanner is perfect for you when you are searching for a low-budget smartphone operatable portable scanner.

brother ads1000w review

we talked too much about the portable scanner. Let’s explore the Desktop receipt scanner and compare it with other portable scanners to know why desktop scanner is still popular compared to the portable scanner. Even we are going to explain why this receipt scanner is our top picked desktop receipt scanner.
What we like in this Brother ADS1000W

Types of scanners

In general, scanners are of two types, i.e., Portable scanner and Desktop Scanner.

Portable Scanner

Portable scanners are comparatively cheaper than the desktop scanner. Because due to portability portable scanner are lesser sized and less featured than a desktop scanner. But still, a portable scanner has some great features that you can miss in your desktop scanner.

Why Should You go for a portable scanner?

  1. Portability – This should be the main feature because portable scanners’ weights are from 1 pound to 3 pounds. So you can take your portable scanner anywhere you want without feeling too much pressure.
  2. Less Paper – Scanner main working principle is to low down paper usage. Instead of paper, a digitized document is always handy for you. As paper can be toil or rusty after a few months or years but a scanned document can use whenever you want.
  3. Inbuilt or cloud storage – Most portable scanners come with inbuilt storage. So you can store your digitize document in your compact scanner storage. Or if you are wifi area, then you can save your digitize document direct in cloud storage like – Dropbox, google drive, etc.
  4. OCR (Optical Character Recognition ) – Now almost all portable scanners are supported OCR, which means you can use this portable scanner for receipt scanning, bank statement scanning, passport scanning, check scanning, book scanning ( to make a textual version of that book quickly ), etc.
  5. Power consumption – Portable receipt scanners are very useful when you are traveling a lot. Because while traveling you might not get an AC adaptor port regularly. But in case of a portable scanner, you can connect your portable scanner with your laptop using a simple USB cable. So instead of carrying a power adapter, a small USB cable can do the job for you. Even nowadays brother, Epson, canon-like top brands are building portable receipt scanners with an inbuilt battery.

These are the main reasons why people are often buying portable receipt scanners instead of desktop receipt scanners. Now explore the features of the desktop scanner and dig out why It’s still popular in the scanner market.

Desktop scanner

Desktop scanners are comparatively more massive and much faster than portable scanners in terms of scanning.  Feature, a wise desktop scanner, and a portable scanner have almost the same features.
Now some high-end portable scanners, as well as desktop scanners, are using ADF * and Digital ICE ** technology with OCR ***.
In desktop scanners two basic things you always see, i.e., maximum paper capacity and maximum scanning capacity. A desktop scanner is handy for office work because in the office we need lots of scanning regularly.
Higher Optical resolution – Optical resolution is an essential aspect when you are using a scanner for image scanning. Higher optical resolution means smoother scanning,so don’t forget to check your scanner PPI ( pixel per inch) before purchase.
* ADF ( Automatic Document Feeder ) – Early days in flatbed scanner an illumination rod is rolled over the document to take the full image and in feeder scanner document roll over to the illuminated rod to produce a complete image.
But nowadays in ADF technology, there is no moving rod required, it captured the whole document instantly. Which increases the scanning speed of any scanner several times.
** Digital ICE ( Digital image correction and enhancement ) – Its an infrared cleaning technology, which cleans dust and scratch from an image to make it more prominent, sharp and sized. Different companies give their names.
*** OCR ( Optical Character Recognition) – Now OCR is the essential feature in the scanner industry. It is only applicable for text base scanning not on image scanning. It recognizes character and text from a scanned document and makes it into an editable document.
Not only it recognizes character and text but also recognize handwriting.  That’s why this technology has so many names like – “one line character recognition,” dynamic character recognition,” “real-time character recognition,” “intelligent character recognition” and “Intelligent word recognition.”

Why not use the mobile app for receipt scanning?

In the Google play store as well as ios store has lots of receipt scanner and document scanner related app. Some of them are very useful, and some of them are not. In the below section I listed down some best receipt scanner app for android as well as iOS. But in mobile scanner reflection, shadows, blur due to camera shakes are the main reasons behind portable and desktop scanner are better than App scanner. Sometime OCR technology couldn’t detect proper word due to image shadows and reflection.

Receipt Scanner – Buyer’s Guide

Now let’s check, What are the things you should consider while purchasing a receipt scanner. Keep in mind I’m talking about a receipt scanner, not a regular document scanner.
Portable or Desktop – I already describe the difference between portable and desktop scanner. It depends on your needs. If you are traveling a lot, then go with a portable scanner to carry it easily, on the other side if you need a huge no. of scanning work daily then go with a desktop receipt scanner.
Scanning Speed – Scanning speed is another important thing you should check while buying a receipt scanner. In general, a high-end scanner can scan up to 100 ppm ( page per minute) whereas a low-end scanner can scan only 5-6 ppm. With these don’t forget to check whether the scanner uses ADF technology and duplex scanning. As I said earlier, ADF technology improves scanning speed, and duplex scanning means it can scan both sides of a paper at a time.
Resolution – Higher resolution means better scanning. In general, scanners come with 300 dpi or 600 dpi scanning technology. One thing that keeps in mind resolution is inversely proportionate to scanning speed. Higher resolution means less no. of scanning per minute.
Dynamic Range / Density range – High-density range means more in-depth shadow and brightness details in a scan. It’s a must feature when you are scanning images often.
Power Source – A receipt scanner can be powered or charged through an AC adapter or a USB cable. Or an inbuilt rechargeable battery can be a great option.
Storage / Cloud storage – Now almost all receipt scanners are wifi enabled so you can store your document on your favorite cloud storage like – Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud or OneNote. Even some of them have inbuilt storage, so if you are in the non-wifi zone, then you can store your digitized document in inbuilt storage.
These are the main things that you should check before buying any receipt scanner.

Why should you buy a receipt scanner?

This is the most common question people often ask due to their less knowledge about the receipt scanner. A document scanner and a receipt scanner haven’t much difference only the main difference is their OCR technology.

Receipt scanner collects data from your scanned receipt and sends that data to QuickBooks apps or create an excel file. Receipt scanner collects all details from receipt ( like – total expense amount, date of expense, tax you paid for that expense, store or company name from where you purchase).

Receipt scanners are mainly used to ease down taxation headaches. Even nowadays some document scanner also offers receipt and invoice scanning feature.

Best Receipt scanner Apps for Android and iOS

If you don’t want to carry a 1-3 pounds weights regularly and searching for a better alternative, then go with a receipt scanner app. In the below section I listed down some best receipt scanner apps which are compatible with both iOS and Android device.
Let’s Start. First on our list is Expensify.


Whether it is a business expense management or personal budget management, Expensify is the best app to manage all of your expenses. In expensify, you can add your credit card and set expense mileage to track your monthly expense. Expensify has built-in OCR ( Optical character recognition) technology which automatically recognizes expense, tax correctly.

Expensify is available for both Android and iOS platforms. In the expensify free plan, you can only scan 5 per month, but when you purchase their premium plan, you will get lots of great features like – Quickbooks, Xero, NetSuite Account software integration, online reimbursement payment to an employee, etc.

Receipt by Wave

Receipt by wave is the best free receipt scanner app. It’s 100% free. You don’t have to pay a single penny for that. It has almost the same features that you get other premium apps like expensify, shoeboxed, neat, etc.
Receipt by wave has one major disadvantage i.e., it’s doesn’t support all types of accounting software; it supports only wave accounting software.


Shoeboxed is another premium receipt scanner app. The shoeboxed price is comparatively higher than expensive, neat apps. It supports almost all premium accounting software as well as free accounting software like wave.
Unlike expensify, shoeboxed can read data from scan copies quickly. As we know expensify scanning process is prolonged sometimes, it takes 1-3 hours. Whereas in shoeboxed processing method is very fast.


It has almost the same features that you get in Expensify. One major disadvantage is, it’s lite plan didn’t support QuickBooks. If you want QuickBooks integration, then you have to upgrade your account to a premium or business plan.
You can check out its all features by signing its 30-day free trial.
Among all the above apps, Camscanner is the only app that has more than 1 million positive reviews on the play store. It has a free plan as well as a premium plan. Camscanner’s premium plan is pretty much cheaper than Expensify, neat, and shoeboxes.
If you are searching for an app that can do your regular scanning, then try the cam scanner-free app.

Receipt Scanners – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of having a receipts scanner?

In one-word receipt, the scanner low down our taxation work. As we know, a receipt scanner’s main working principle is to find expenses through scanned receipts by OCR technology and listed them in CSV for easy taxation. You don’t have to store that receipt copy for taxation.

What is the best app for scanning receipts?

In the play store as well iOS store there are lots of receipt scanner apps available. But here I listed down some well know receipt scanner apps for you. Even from the above section, you can read our list of 5 best receipt scanner apps.

  1. Expensify
  2. Neat Scanner
  3. Receipt by Wave ( 100% free)
  4. Genius Scan
  5. Shoeboxed

What is the best portable scanner?

Can’t pick one from the list as all of the listed portable receipt scanners have almost the same features with little price difference. According to my user experience, I always recommend Doxie go SE as a portable receipt scanner (You can see I already choose this scanner in the editor’s pick section). Even you can go with the Epson portable scanner if you are an Epson fan. Above all both of these two receipt scanner is best.

What is the best scanner for home use?

For home use a mid-budget receipt scanner is perfect. In the home, we didn’t need a high-speed duplex receipt scanner. A mid-range desktop scanner or a portable scanner can be best for home use.

What are the two main types of scanners?

Two main types of Scanners are portable scanners and desktop scanners. Check the above section to find the particular benefits of a portable scanner and a desktop scanner.

What is the best scanner for photos?

High-end scanners are always better for image scanning as they support high dynamic range. From the above list Brother image center ADS, 2800w can be the best scanner for photos.

What is the best way to digitize photos?

Use a document or image scanner to digitize your photos.

What resolution should I use to scan photos?

As we know higher resolution means better quality / more pixel density. That’s why we always recommend a 600 dpi setting when you want to scan any photo.

What is a good resolution for scanning documents?

300 dpi will be perfect for scanning any normal document which has mostly text content. But when you are scanning an HD image then increase dpi to get a better result.

What is the best account management software?

Quickbooks and Xero are two popular account management software. All of the above-listed receipt scanners are support QuickBooks. So you can directly send your scanned copy to your QuickBooks account when you are online.

How do I scan back to back on one page?

Not all the scanners support duplex scanning. From the above list, Fujitsu scansnap S1300i is supporting duplex scanning. Duplex scanning decreases scanning time as we don’t have to put that document again to scan its back side.

How much does a scanner cost?

It depends on your Needs. As you can check, On Amazon you can buy a scanner from $70 to up to $1000. All of the scanners working principles are the same, but price differs mainly for some useful features like – duplex scanning, high-resolution scanning, Use OCR technology, scanning speed, etc.

Which receipt scanners are compatible with QuickBooks?

Most of the above-listed receipt scanners support QuickBooks, Xero-like Software. Quickbook is one of the prime account management software on the net.

What is OCR (text recognition)?

OCR’s full form is Optical Character Recognition. By using this method a Receipt scanner scan characters from a Receipt. It can be a Character, number, special character or symbol.

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