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Best garden hose reel 2019 both Wall mounted and Retractable Available

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People who engaged in a garden should know the importance of a Good garden hose. Everyone knows that a Small garden hose is not a good pick for a medium sized garden and going for bigger sized garden hose always a smart selection.
Gardening is great fun but cleaning up afterward can be troublesome. Walking in your garden and picking up the wet tools by hand is really painful so you should look for the Best garden hose reel. 
A Garden hose keeps your garden well watered and flourishing but if you want to roll up the hose it can be time-consuming and it can keep your yard look dirty when it is left lying around. With the help of a Hose Reelyou can safely store your garden hose and make sure it’s always accessible for all types of gardening. 
Different types of garden hose reel are available in the market from Automatic hose reel to Manual hose reel. If you read this article carefully it will help you to clarify your doubt about what to select whether Quality hose reel or Cheap hose reel.

Comparison table of Garden hose reel 

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Name Features Our Ratings
Eley wall mount garden hose reel 1041
  • Easy to use.
  • Rustproof aluminium alloy construction.
  • Configured to mount for either perpendicular or parallel use
9.9 Check Price
Suncast Rsw125D
  • Water powered hose reel.
  • Attractive design.
  • Has smart track guide.
9.8 Check Price
Goodyear 27527153G
  • Has attractive bright blue color.
  • Usable at water and air compressor.
  • Provides great value for money.


9.7 Check price
Liberty garden 704
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Durable powder coat finish.
  • Made of heavy gauge cast aluminium construction
9.6 Check Price
Ames Estate Hose Wagon
  • Has four tubes tires.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Designed with cute metal frame. 
9.3 Check Price
Hoselink Automatic Retractable Garden Hose Reel
  • Has good length of hose.
  • Complete watering solution.
  • Provides 2 years of warranty. 
9.4 Check Price
RL Flo master 65HR8
  • Best budget hose reel.
  • Provides excellent portability.
  • Its heavy duty spring offer smooth return. 


9.5 Check Price
Yard butler ISR-360
  • Extends hose life.
  • Built for heavy duty use.
  • Swivel rotates full 360 degrees.


9.2 Check Price
ReelWorks Retractable Air compressor/Water Hose Reel
  • Ideal for commercial and residential use.
  • Has 180 degree swivel bracket.
  • Solid impact resistant polypropylene construction.
9.1 Check Price
Liberty Garden 708
  • Easy to install.
  • Has solid brass swivel. 
  • Holds 125-feet of 5/8-inch garden hose.


9.0 Check Price


Our Top Pick is Eley wall mount garden hose reel 1041

What’s the best garden hose reel for you?

You can see that the garden hose reel comes in many different sizes and shapes to fit different kinds of situation. Thus we have listed the different model for various situation. 
The people who want to store very long hoses they should have Suncast Aquawinder 125 as this model can hold up to 225’ of 5/8”-diameter standard vinyl hose.
If you have little storage space then you should try Hercules Hose. This has no extras, like wheels, a hand crank, or mounting hardware.
The best hose reel for a human being who don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for practicality is Liberty Garden 708This lovely model adds style and elegance to any area but is still functional.
People who want quick and effortless clean-up they should try RL Flo-Master Retractable Hose Reel.   If you wants to activate retraction and voilà simply tug on the hose.
The best overall rated product and our top pick is Eley wall mount garden hose reel 1041.

Detailed description of Best hose reel 

Eley wall mount garden hose reel 1041 – {Our Top Pick}

  • Eley wall mounted hose reel is constructed of rustproof aluminum alloy and mixed with the top grade stainless steel mounting hardware available in the industry.  
  • This hose reel is made of metal so it’s durable and hard to break if you compare this hose reel with other hose reels you will find they are cheap and they don’t last long. Garden hose reel
  • The most astonishing part of this hose reel is that it keeps the hose reel assembly. You can keep this hose in a reel than the ground.
  • This hose reel has an easy to mount wall plate and is coated with a high-grade powder coat finish and provides 10 years no rust no break warranty to the buyer from the date of original purchase. 
  • If you compare this hose reel with other hose reels then I can assure you that another hose reel available in the market will be damaged after some years but this hose reel model 1041 will last for many years. 
  • It can be configured to mount for either perpendicular or parallel use as well as for either right hand or left-hand rewinding. 
  • Another trust-able thing about this hose reel is it comes with a 10 years no leak guarantee which make this hose reel different from the other.  
Check Price Pros:

  • Easy to use.
  • Provides very high-quality product.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Attractive design. 

Why we select this product as our top pick?
This hose reel is made of metal so it’s durable and hard to break if you compare this hose reel with other hose reels you will find they are cheap and they don’t last long. It provides 10 years no rust no break warranty and another important factor is it comes with 10 years no leak guarantee for all this important reason we pick it as our top pick.   

Suncast Rsw125D – 

  • Suncast Rsw125D is one of the most efficient hose reels in the current market.  The name of this hose reel suggests that it’s generated through water pressure which helps it automatically retract the feel for you. 
  • This hose reel is made of a durable plastic casing with a wood-like texture to match your outdoor decor. The hose reel measures 24″ x 27″ x 23.5″, which is perfect for your outdoor space.
  • Every consumer like it’s reel smart track guide feature. The smart track guide prevents the hose reel from unnecessary accidents such as leaking.
  • You will love this reel because of its garden stakes. The garden stakes are useful because it will prevent the reel from falling. This shows the overall durability of the reel which is a good reason why every consumer buys it.  
  • This hose reel has a large hose storage capacity. This large capacity helps you to clean your garden and its appropriate for the homeowner who has a small backyard. 
  • The Suncast RSW125D  is constructed out of resin, which makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. This reel is perfect for furniture cushions, patio accessories, and more. If you want a hose reel which is not going to break within a few months, then you should select Suncast Rsw125D. 
Check Price Pros

  • Attractive design. 
  • Has a smart track guide.
  • Constructed of durable material. 
  • Water powered hose reel. 


  • None.

Special feature in this Product –
Suncast RSW125D has smart track guide feature which is really special and it’s garden stakes feature prevent the reel from falling which is a good reason why every consumer buys it and that’s why we place it in our top pick.  
Overall verdict –
Suncast RSW125D  has a lot of storage capacity and doesn’t get exposed to rust. If you want to deliver positive results to your garden’s appearance for a long time then you can buy this hose reel.  

Goodyear 27527153G –

  • The Goodyear retractable air compressor water hose reel is made of high-quality impact resistant polypropylene and with a newly designed auto-guide rewind system, it will retract smoothly without any kinks. 
  • This hybrid flex polymer hose reel is the current hydration related offering from the company of Goodyear. 
  • The bright blue color of this hose reel will make attractive to any yard or garden and can be mounted on a wall with the included redesigned swivel bracket which allows 180-degree rotation.
  • The latching mechanism of this reel will automatically lock the hose at your desired length aiding in reduced abrasion and wear on the hose. It includes hose inlet connection seals to fight against leakage and helps to keep the workplace safe. 
  • Whether you need to upgrade your old water hose or need to pump up your vehicle tires you can use good year hose reel for water usage, and compressed air and the reel is replaceable. 
  • Goodyear hose reel has an improved double adjustment function that locks or unlocks the hose at any desired length. It’s covered by 2-year limited period warranty from the date of original purchase. 
Check price Pros:-

  • Easy to install.
  • Provides great value for your money.
  • The bright blue color is attractive. 
  • Can be used with water or air compressor. 
  • Provides 2 years limited period warranty.


  • Expensive.

Special feature in this product –
The bright blue color of this hose reel will make attractive to any yard and its swivel bracket allows 180-degree rotation. 
What I miss in Goodyear 27527153G –
The warranty period of this hose reel is minimum according to its price. 
Overall Verdict –
If you are looking to fill up your tires or looking to work with air ratchets the Goodyear is the best option even though its price is on the higher side. The good number of users reports about its quality construct after using it for years which is great. 

Liberty garden 704 –

  • The decorative hose reel is capable of winding and storing your garden hose with ease.  It comes in a fully assembled way you can simply attach the handle and mount on the wall of your choice. 
  • Liberty garden 704 has a rust resistance feature. The o ring and the orbit house prevent dirt, rust, and other ailments 
  • This liberty garden 704  products does not require assembly when purchased as its all of the materials are already connected and aligned. 
  • This hose reel provides one-year limited periods warranty to the buyers and it can make hose reel out of durable plastic. 
  • There is a shelf on top of the reel for extra storage which is perfect for hose nozzle and garden tools. 
  • This wall mount garden hose reel can comfortably hold 125 ft of a 5/8 inch garden hose. This garden hose reel makes it a great option for any garden owner. 
  • It is effortless to pull the hose out, and the sturdy handle rewinds for quick and easy hose storage. 
  • Liberty hose reel is an easy on the eyes as it is functional making it an aesthetically pleasing choice for use in front yards. 
Check Price Pros:-

  • Durable powder coated finish.
  • Made of heavy gauge cast aluminum construction. 
  • Provides one-year limited periods warranty. 
  • Can be mounted on to the side of your home. 
  • Easy to use and maintain.

Special feature in this product – 
This hose reel can be mounted to the side of your home or shed. It is composed of heavy-duty aluminum that has been powder coated which makes this hose reel durable.
What I miss in Liberty garden 704 –
This hose reel is great for light duty job but it may not be well suited to heavier duty garden hoses. 
Overall Verdict –
Liberty garden 704 comes in a decorative finish which still is functional enough to water the plants effectively. You will see a huge difference in your garden if you buy this hose reel. 

Ames Estate Hose Wagon –

  • The durable steel frame of this hose reel is built to handle years of use and its 4 pneumatic tires make it easy to roll over all types of grounds.
  • If you have a larger yard and you need to store a lot of hose and be able to transport it easily then this hose reel will be the perfect choice for you. 
  • This hose reel can handle up to 400 feet of 5/8 hose.  This hose reel has the ability to complete any garden project very easily because of its length.  
  • The wagon of this hose reel is made of strong tubular frames that help users to transport the wagon through its use.
  • You can leave the real outside in harsh weather such as heavy rain, snow, etc. Without worrying about it collecting rust or corrosion. 
  • This hose reel is durable and easy to transport and comes pre-installed so buyers don’t have to have to waste time in assembling it. 
  • You will love this product if you deliver quality results each time you water your garden. 
  • If you want something safe to use then get this device which won’t tip over when completing your projects. 
Check Price Pros

  • It can holds up to 400 feets of garden hose.
  • Has four tubes tires. 
  • Designed with a cute metal frame.
  • Very easy to use. 

Special feature in this product – 
The Estate Hose Wagon has been crafted from metal for the frame and it has four tubed tires that will travel over most surfaces very easily.
What I miss in Ames Estate Hose Wagon
It can catch rust in more humid climates. So I miss restlessness from this product.
 Overall Verdict –
Its a must buy for gardeners and those who want to improve their lawn. Its four tubes tires and ts strong steel base provides you a mixture of both mobility and stability. If you want a hose reel which will last more than five years then don’t look anywhere else go for it. 

Hoselink Automatic Retractable Garden Hose Reel –

  • The wall mountable hose reel is built with a tough UV stabilized ABS plastic casing which has a smooth exterior and has a stainless steel hardware robust nylon and quality hose connectors which guaranteed you to last in hot and cold climates. 
  • The Hoselink Automatic Retractable Hose Reel makes watering your garden easier than ever, with no unruly hose tangles and an easy rewind mechanism to neatly coil the hose when you’re finished.
  • It is designed with a smooth exterior and consistent diameter for correct function on rewind. You can operate it smoothly in both hot and cold climates.
  • The 180-degree pivot bracket allows the reel to pivot 180⁰ so the hose follows your direction as you water and remain out of the way when not in use.
  • This hose reel provides 30 days money back guarantee and 2 years warranty to the buyers from the date of original purchase.
  • It will arrives at your door as a complete package with everything you need to get started. So it will comes fully equipped and pre-fitted with.
Check Price Pros:-

  • Attractive white smooth exterior housing.
  • Complete watering solution
  • Provides great value for money.
  • Very good length of hose.
  • Provides 2 years warranty.

Special feature in this product – 
The most important feature of this hose reel is its locking and rewind mechanisms.
What I miss in Automatic Retractable hose reel 
The only thing I miss in this product is its mobility. Else while this is a great product and it will provide you great value for your money. 
Overall Verdict 
There is no doubt that it is expensive than it’s a competitor  but it will worth the added cost. It is extremely well built you can say that it will last a long time. 

RL Flo-Master 65HR8 [Best Budget hose reel]

  • RL Flo master 65HR8 comes with a component like a 65-inch strong hose and 8-inch pattern nozzle brass hose fitting and with that 66 inches of leader hose. 
  • This hose reel has a heavy duty spring which offers a smooth return and its guide prevents the hose from overlapping.
  • The mounting bracket of this hose reel allows you for a 180-degree swivel and mounting hardware is also included. 
  • Using the retractable feature of this hose reel, you can stop the hose at your desired length, according to your need. 
  • The packaging of this hose reel includes an 8 pattern nozzle which permits the user to control the water output as per the need. 
  • The hose reel features excellent portability as it comes with a handle it can be easily detached and you can carry this hose reel anywhere you want. 
  • If you have a large yard and you want a budget friendly hose reel for you then RL Flo Master 65HR8 will be perfect choice for you.
Check Price Pros:-

  • Provides excellent portability. 
  • Heavy duty spring offers a smooth return.
  •  Best budget hose reel.

Special feature of this product – 
RL Flo master 65 HR8 features excellent portability as it comes with a handle you can carry this hose reel anywhere you want. 
What I Miss in RL Flo master 65HR8 – 
This hose reel has the lowest capacity. RL Flo master 65HR8 missed capacity.
Overall Verdict – 
If you don’t have a large yard and can make do with only 65 inches of hose, grab the Flo master. I think if you want a hose reel within a budget then this hose reel will be the perfect choice for you.    

Yard butler ISR-360 

  • This yard butler hose reel is designed for people who don’t want to drill holes for wall mounted models or need the frequent immovability of wheeled models. 
  • This hose reel is great for storing hoses near gardens, planting beds, stables or anywhere else hoses are frequently used. 
  • The materials used in this hose reel are of high quality and you cannot break this hose reel easily. 
  • The unique patented swiveling turret design can rotate 360 degrees and hold up to 200 feet of 5/8-inch hose, making it capable of delivering water anywhere within a total coverage area of over 3 acres. 
  • Its new design has the capacity to sore plenty of water and it’s built for heavy-duty use.
  • Its great design ensures that it does not leak even a single drop, on the other hand, it has excellent finishing and functions as expected. 
  • This model is a free standing model it’s basically for those who does not want wall mounted models but wants portable models. 
Check Price Pros

  • Extends hose life. 
  • Swivel rotates full 360 degrees.
  • Built for heavy-duty use.
  • Freestanding portable model. 

Special feature of this product – 
Lightweight and its portability make this hose reel easy to use. 
What I miss in Yard Butler ISR-360 
This hose reel is not for the person who likes wall-mounted models. 
Overall Verdict 
The hose reel has proved to be the best of quality. It has some outstanding feature which has made it reliable and demandable hose reel in the market.  

ReelWorks Retractable Air compressor/Water Hose Reel –

  • The reel work reel was built using high-quality durable impact resistant polypropylene which is lightweight and more compact. It makes home maintenance task and gardening very easy.
  • This reel works reel comes with swivel bracket ready to be mounted on walls, ceilings or floors allowing 180-degree rotation for convenient storage and the best advantage to suit your needs.  
  • Its high impact resistant polypropylene construction is strong but also lightweight and it features a smart red and black compact design. 
  • The latching mechanism will automatically lock the hose at your desired length aiding in reduced abrasion and wear on the hose. 
  • The heavy-duty enclosed drive spring is designed for tough work environments and outdoor temperatures and the hose inlet connection protects against any water or air leaks.
  • The Hybrid Flex Polymer Hose with superior bend radius, has no memory which helps eliminate kinks, can operate in lowest of temperatures of -40°C/40°F to the highest of 80°C/176°F.
Check Price Pros:-

  • Very good value.
  • Solid impact resistant polypropylene construction.
  •  Ideal for commercial and residential use.
  • Has 180-degree swivel bracket.

Special feature of this product – 
Its swivel bracket allows 180-degree rotation for convenient storage. 
What I miss in this product –
I do not watch the spray nozzle in this hose reel.
Overall Verdict – 
If you want a good hose reel at a reasonable price then i think Reelworks retractable hose reel will be the perfect choice for you. 

Liberty Garden 708

  • This wall mounts stylish hose reel winds and stores your garden hose in style. This hose reel has a convenient storage tray on top and brass fittings. 
  • Its made of steel construction with a durable powder coat finish which makes this hose reel weather resistant and this weather-resistant features of this hose reel makes it different from the other. 
  • You must put this model on a permanent place as this hose reel is not portable so before selecting this hose reel you have to be sure about the location. It should be kept in a central position to your garden area.
  • This reel easily secures to the wall holding up to 125 feet of 5/8- garden hose and has 5 feet of leader hose. The storage shelf of this hose reel is perfect for holding your garden and watering tools.  
  • This hose reel does not have a cover so the length itself will be exposed to UV rays and other adverse weather you have to keep that in mind when mounting.
  • Liberty garden 708 reel has a solid brass swivel which protects hoses from being damaged and from being pulled out from a wrong angle.  This hose reel comes fully in an assembled way. 
Check Price Pros:-

  • Easy to install.
  • Durable construction with powder coat finish provides durability.
  • Has solid brass swivel.

Cons: –

  • Only 5 ft leader hose.

Special feature in this product – 
Its powder coat finish makes this hose reel weather resistant and it’s solid brass swivel which protects hoses from being damaged and from being pulled out from a wrong angle. 
What I miss in Liberty Garden 708 –
Liberty garden 708 is not portable for this you have kept this hose reel in the central position of your garden. In modern days which is really troublesome. 
Overall Verdict – 
This hose reel has a powder coat finish which makes this hose reel weather resistant and slightly more durable than the other hose reel. If you want a durable hose reel then you can go for “Liberty garden 708”.

What is Hose reel?

The hose reel is one of the best garden tools which you can use to store a hose or it can clean up the appearance of any patio area. If you are a garden owner then you can buy both Hose reel and Lawn mower both this tool will give your garden better shape and presentable to your guest. 
Garden hose reel helps you to make your garden cool and clean with zero manual effort. The quality of the hose reel is categorized by the diameter and length of the hose they hold.  A hose reel is something which will help you to improve your irrigation capabilities by ensuring a greener and properly maintained a garden. In irrigation, pruning is necessary if you use weed eater then it will reduce your manual task. 
The main objective of using hose reel is to deliver the water to a remote part of the lawn so that your lawn does not have any dry area. A hose reel can be portable and can be fixed in a permanent position but portable is easier to use or handle. 

Reasons Why you need a hose reel

Makes work easier 
The person who has a big farm or big yard knows how tough it is to water the whole garden. After working in the garden for long periods of time you have to take rest for long periods of time. So hose reel helps you in a winding activity allowing you to take rest for a few hours. 
Provides Safety 
Hose reel provides safety to the person by providing water in the whole garden without having manual work. Hose reel helps to keep your garden in the best condition and makes it highly durable. 
Gives a better look to your yard
If your backyard is without hose reel then your backyard will look incomplete. So garden hose reel is therefore meant to fit any home decor perfectly. 
Smart storage solution 
A hose reel is a smart storage solution and keeps your water hose from getting knotted or kinked and you have to be sure that the hose is always neat and correctly wound up and you have to store it in a safe place where you can easily access it.
Garden hose reel is made of either metal, fiberglass, or plastic and is used for storing a hose. If you give care to you reel then it will serve you for a long period of time. 

Types of Garden Hose reel

There are four basic types of hose reel they are Wall mounted, Retractable, Cart and Standalone.
Before buying a new hose reel at first decide where you will keep it, how much hose you have, how often you will use it and how strong you need to be.  
All these factors are important to decide what type of hose reel you need?
Wall mounted 
Wall mounted hose reel can be perpendicular or parallel or both. A perpendicular will pull the garden hose straight out away from the wall and a parallel mount will pull the garden hose out along the side of a wall.
A person who does not need to take a reel with them to different location wall mount hose reel will be a perfect choice for them. 
You should keep in mind that you will have to mount this style to a wall. So if you are not capable and comfortable of doing that then you can consider a different style. 
Retractable hose reel basically comes with their own hose, nozzle, swivel mount and some are even portable. For this, I really like the retractable hose reel. 
You can pull the hose out and you can auto rewind it back in without having to crank a handle. 
The retractable hose reel is perfect for light and quick work it’s not perfect for heavy duty jobs. 
Wheeled Cart 
A cart hose reel offers the facility of moving your hose reel to a different location. The cart hose reel is perfect for them who does not wants to keep their hoses outside they can easily keep their hose inside their garage or under a shed.  
It’s particularly useful for a larger garden. It offers a table like a look.  Many carts can hold up to 400 feet or more of the hose.  
A good cart hose reel has pneumatic tires which help it to move over rough terrain. If you are professional or have a bigger yard then wheeled cart hose reel is the perfect choice for you.  
Stand Alone (Box) –
If you do not want to attach a reel to a wall of your house then standalone will be a perfect choice for you. It can hold a lot of hose. 
Another advantage of the stand box is they can be designed to blend into your landscaping to keep them out of sight and hide the hose. 
As your hose is stored in a container it will be protected from the elements. 

Best Hose reel’s buyer guide –

If you want to buy the best garden hose reel for your lawn then consider the following –
At first decide what type of hose reel will be perfect for you Retractable, manual or semi-manual I think Retractable will be the most convenient from all the option available. But manual and semi-manual are also effective.   
Secondly, you should consider the materials with which a hose reel is made or constructed. Most of the hose reel is made of metal and plastic materials. You should try to consider a hose reel that has an aluminum system as Aluminium water system removes leaking much better as they are much stronger than the cheaper plastic water system.
Thirdly consider do you want portable or wall mounted hose reel I think portable hose reel is better as wall mount hose reel is semi-manual you have to keep the wall mount hose reel on a semi-permanent location. 
Fourthly consider the capacity of the hose reel which you wants to purchase. A good quality hose reel can contain 5\8 inch thicker hose of a length from 50 feet to cover 200 feet. Consider the width and the length of the hose you have after that take the hose reel according to your need. 
Fifthly if you are concerned about security then look for a hose reel which can be locked or has other security features.
Sixthly you should prefer slow rewind product as slow rewind hose reel will retract the hose slowly avoiding any sudden snapping. 
Finally, consider the weight of the hose reel as no one wants to carry a heavy weight hose reel for their gardening work. Try to buy a hose reel which is lightweight and portable. So I will say you to buy wheeled cart hose reel then you don’t have to think about the portability. 

Benefits of using a garden hose reel –

Improves Efficiency 
When you have a hose reel you can easily reach to your hose as it is stored in a very organized way in a hose reel. With a garden hose reel, you can even store your hose neatly causing no tangle and knots. Thus, of course, it saves your efficiency and time which can keep your hose within your own control. 
Extends life span of Hose
It extends the life span of a hose’s. when you work and hoses lying on the ground it slowly damages the functionality of a hoses and causes leakage. With the help of garden hose reel, you can extend its life at list five years.   
Reduce Leakage and Damage 
It will protect the hose from damage and leakage. The hose reel will allow you to stay more safe and secure. The hose reel can reduce the possibility of oil, water, and air leakage.   If you have hose reel and keep your hose in it properly then there is very minimal chance to occur any leakage or damage. So no doubt it’s very cost efficient. 
Has ability to handle hose efficiently
 You will be able to handle the hose more efficiently. Instead of moving the pile from one side to another you can control the hose just by reeled up.
Provides better look to your yard 
The big fact is it will provide beauty to your garden. If you keep your hose in an unorganized way in your garden no one will praise. So if you want that your garden looks beautiful then you must ensure that after watering your hose is an organized way in a reel.
Overall Verdict 
So garden hose reel has great efficiency in water in your garden there is no doubt about that. To get all these benefits you must have a hose reel of your own.

Tips for Using garden hose reel

How to  use a Hose Reel
You should always remember one thing that using a hose reel requires proper placement, storing, handling and maintaining.  
Most gardening enthusiasts that wall mounted reel saves a lot of space and offers stability. You can place it somewhere that your hose pipe won’t get damaged.  If you get a freestanding reel which being knocked or moved into the sun where it can be damaged. 
Length and dimension of Hose 
When it comes to the reel operation your hose dimension and length are the very important factor. If your pipe length exceeds the reel capacity of accommodation then your pipe will get damaging results in crack and leaks. You should be sure that your pipe has the perfect reel structure and the perfect length. If the pipe is long in size then cut it with a sharp pruning shear and make sure to cut perfectly straight and not in angles.
Careful Handling 
When handling your pipe and reel you should be careful that you should not damage it in the process. Sometimes we tend to put out the pipe very hastily and damaging the recoiling mechanism and the pipe itself.  In many cases we have found that spring reels have been severely damaged where users could not recoil their hoses automatically anymore, therefore, making the reels completely useless.
Storage & Maintenance
 Storing your hose is very important, therefore, you should place your reel conveniently so that your pipe is fully protected. The UV rays break down the outer lining of the pipe and crack it. The heat of the sun also expands the water inside, damaging the inner tube as well. You may use any type of reel, but you should wind away from your hose after use. 
Difference between Cheap and Expensive hose reel –
Cheap models are made of flimsy plastic parts and cheap models will break easily especially in cooler weather.
You should consider a hose reel that has an aluminum system which is found on most higher end metal hose reels.
Aluminum water system removes leaking much better as they are much stronger than the cheaper plastic water system. The aluminum system will help you to repair cracking which is caused by accidental freezing. 


We hope our top 10 list will help you to pick the best hose reel according to your budget. In my opinion, the best overall rated product is Eley wall mount garden hose reel 1041. Only the highest quality materials are used in Eley hose reel that is why they are dominating the market of the hose reel.   So select hose reel for you according to your choice. Buyers who are interested in similar garden products they can read our article Best garden clogs for men

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