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1and1 Hosting Coupon With Full Review 2016

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1and1 Hosting Coupon 2016 –

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As everything is getting digitalized, you must need a business website to boost the sales. The very same thought has tremendously increased the number of sites on the web.

What is the first thing you think when you want to start a website? Apart from niche selection and domain, the thing that will haunt you is the hosting. In this competitive area of web hosting, it is almost impossible to choose a reliable web hosting company.

So today, I am here to introduce you to a pioneer company in web hosting. Are you ready to explore more about them?

Here you go.

1&1 Hosting Review

Being started twenty-eight years ago, 1&1 has become a top-notch web hosting provider with their clear-cut quality. The company was started back in 1988 in Germany, and it took about twelve years to open their office in UK and fifteen in the US.

After they had spread the service to the US, the company underwent an exponential growth in the number of customers. Now, they have data centers in ten countries, which make it a global brand.

I know what you are looking forward to reading in this review. That’s what comes next.

Features of 1&1 Hosting

The 1&1 hosting company has got a wide range of unique features by which you are going to be spellbound. Here I am listing out a few specs of the lot.

#1. Unlimited Web Space and Traffic

Even if the unlimited space and traffic have nothing to do with a small scale website, people always look for this. In other words, it is so important when your site starts getting tens of thousands of hits daily.

If you want to make your site bigger, just go with a hosting plan, offering unlimited space or traffic. So, you can avoid the frustration of seeing your website going down after a few months. That’s why 1&1 offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

#2. Several Types of Hosting

A small blog doesn’t need dedicated server hosting. Similarly, shared hosting for an e-commerce website is plain foolishness. That’s why 1&1 has come with several types of hosting.

You can get Windows and Linux hosting of different packages. They have shared hosting, managed WP hosting and much more. Choosing managed WP hosting is a clever move if you want to start a WordPress website.

#3. Free Domain and SSL

Today, a top level domain costs about $10. What if your hosting provider gives you one for free? Isn’t that awesome?

1&1 offers you a free domain with every hosting plan you choose. As a result, you will feel comfortable to deal with both hosting and domain from a single provider.

Google revealed that SSL certificate has a slight dominance in search results. So it’s good to have one on your website. 1&1 gives away this one for free as well.

#4. Top-notch Security

Security must be one of your significant concerns when it comes to your websites because hackers are getting smarter every day.

1&1 has a site lock feature to get rid of hackers. The system gets active when unusual log in attempts occur. It also scans your entire site up to 500 sub pages for malware issues.

In the past, many websites embraced death due to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. The team of 1&1 has developed a new technique to protect your website from DDoS attack.

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Wrapping Up

I have only given you a few features. If you check their website, you will get to know their whole lot of specs.

Oops! I forgot to mention that their service is very cheap. So cheaper that you can get hosting for $0.99 per month.

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