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On May 15, 2017
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SEO is the most complicated factor in this era of blogging. Now almost every month Google change their ranking factors and algorithm.

It’s very complicated when you have many website and you have to manage all of your website back links and all keywords ranking.

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Whenever I felt situation like this I always remember I use premium tool. i.e SEO powersuite.

Because using SEO powersuite I’m not only able to monitor my website all keywords ranks but also I can keep eyes on my competitor as well as I can speed up my link building campaign.

I use many premium tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs ( I use Ahrefs free version only) but I didn’t get any tools that offer all of these in one place. [ Above All comparatively SEO powersuite is much cheaper than SEMrush and Ahrefs]

SEO powersuite is comes with 4 different software 1) Rank tracker 2) SEO spyglass 3) Website Auditor 4) Link Assistant.

In this post I’m going to show you the best features of SEO powersuite that will blow you.

SEO powersuite review

Normally SEO powersuite each tool cost $299.75. But I will suggest you to buy the complete package of SEO power suite because if you buy the SEO powersuite complete package then you have to pay only $699.

Are you searching for SEO powersuite discount coupon ? Bu Honestly currently There is no custom SEO powersuite discount coupon is available. As you can see they are normally offering 40% discount on SEO powersuite package.

So there will be a handsome $500 save. Or buy SEO powersuite professional package at $299.
I use SEO powersuite over a year and I’m pretty happy with all of their SEO tools.
In 4 different tools, SEO spyglass is my favorite.

SEO Spyglass –

SEO spyglass is goldmine for me to spying on my blog competitor.
It’s in-detail backlinks just help me to determine how my competitor’s are rank and which will be my steps to overtake them.
Not end yet. 🙂
I can compare my blog with my competitor blog backlink. Which shows the most strength website and their anchor text details.
Even I can export them for further use. [ This feature only for enterprise plan user] Let’s see how it’s works.

Open SEO spyglass

Add your website.

SEO PowerSuite

Now you can see your website all backlinks. Even you can categories them according to backlink from homepage, backlink from forums, backlink from link directories.

In sidebar domain strength section you can see your domain strength as well as no of indexed pages in google.

The tool collects backlink data from over 160 international and local search engines.

Some other important SEO metrics that you can observe –

Link Anchor Text
URL of the backlink page
Google Page PR and Google Domain PR
Domain age
Link Value
Alexa Rank
DMOZ, Yahoo! directories inclusion
Visits (taken from Google Analytics);
and a lot more.

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Rank tracker

Till now I manage as many as 10 different website. So it’s very much time consuming for me to check all of my website rank. But after using rank tracker It’s made damn easy for me.
Previously I use Long tail pro for keyword rank checking. But I swear long tail pro rank checking system is far far far slower that Seo powersuite rank tracker tool.
Let’ See how it works

Open rank tracker

Add your site

SEO PowerSuite

connect with google analytics tool to check website.


Now add your keywords then country if you want to check rank on local basis.

It will take hardly 1-5 min to show you your website rank on google, bing and yahoo.

Some others things that you can do with rank tracker.

  • monitor your site rankings performance in over 400 international and local search engines;
  • monitor your competitors’ rankings and compare them to yours;
  • monitor your and your competitors’ rankings in Google and Bing universal search result blocks: videos, images, news, shopping, places, etc.;
  • set any location to collect rankings data for (geo-targeted search);
  • keep rankings history of each and every keyword;
  • monitor rankings on auto-pilot;
  • and more!

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Website Auditors

This is the best tool for newbie blogger.
This tool analyze website all factors which might be obstacle in Google ranking.

SEO PowerSuite

It takes some time to show to full stats.

Because it analyze your website all factors as well as your website all pages.

Even after analyzing your site you can compare  this changes –
All pointing links.
On-Page factors analysis.
Indexing status in various search engines.
Social media popularity.
Most popular pages on your blog.
Broken links
Duplication titles.
Meta description errors.

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 Link Assistant

Link assistant is the best tool to manage website link building campaign.

Your whole link building campaign can be facilitated by the features of LinkAssistant tool.

With this SEO app you can find a great number of high-quality link sources using various search mechanisms:

  • Find sites by keyword search
  • Find sites that link to your competitors
  • Find sites that already link to you
  • Harvest all URLs on webpages you specify
  • Perform a deep scan on the website you specify

Each found link is analyzed according to various SEO-important criteria.

With LinkAssistant you can easily handle large amounts of data: arrange link partners into categories, assign various statuses to them and sort them so that each of your partners is always at hand.

LinkAssistant has a fully-fledged email client that lets you take full control of your link building correspondence. With LinkAssistant you can write personalized e-mails to webmasters and website owners, and never spend more than a couple of seconds to find a way to contact them.

Buy Website Auditor

Now its time to buy SEO powersuite and rank your site high on google.

Seo powersuite christmas sale has come with unbelievable 70% discount. Hurry up to grab the seo powersuite christmas offer before the price goes up.

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